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My design career began in 1987, the day after my high school graduation. Green and enthusiastic, I dove head first into the world of ad design, overseeing production for a small, local newspaper in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Rubylith, border tape, speccing type, spatial relationship... I absorbed all I could about graphic design and the production process, but with limited resources and no “formal” training, as the years passed me by, so did technology.


It wasn’t until a most humbling interview during which I presented a portfolio filled with hand-rendered advertisements and was asked if I had ever heard of Adobe Photoshop, that a light bulb went off. "What's Photoshop?!?”. And so began my journey into the Visual Communications program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh from which I graduated in 1999.


Launched in 2014 and backed by 35+ years of experience, Thomas M. Evans Design LLC specializes in logo and identity development, marketing collateral, direct mail, brochures, sales and event support, and package design.

Creative thinking and strategy start in a small studio outside of Pittsburgh, PA, but they extend well beyond those boundaries to dedicated partners with whom I've worked for many years. These include top-notch developers, photographers, printers,

copywriters, manufacturers, and suppliers. 

At Thomas M. Evans Design LLC, communication and collaboration combined with stellar creativity and work ethic are the key components to bringing clean, clear, and effective design to market for you.

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